January 1, 2019

Should you skip breakfast?

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It is 2019 so that means we are all trying to get our lives on track. At least for the first few days or months if you are an overachiever. What better way to do that than to plan out your breakfast. I mean we have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now with intermittent fasting diets gaining such popularity as of late, is it not only a good idea to have breakfast its kind of crucial to eat first thing in the morning. Skipping breakfast is not the secret to weight loss. With the help of Dietitian Kajsa Ernestam I am going to separates fact vs. fiction when it comes to skipping breakfast.

But really, is it OK to skip breakfast? 

NO! Alright thanks for coming. You can stop reading now. But on the real there is no real benefits to skipping breakfast or any meal for that matter. You are taking valuable fuel away from the machine that is your body.

Yoghurt strawberries granola breakfast bowl

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How many meals a day should we eat?

More than then the three you have been told in the past. If you are eating consistently in a healthy way will be able to keep your blood sugar levels up. I would recommend that you eat to the three main meals and also have two to three high protein snacks per day. It is also a very good idea to eat something small before your workout to add some energy so you can avoid breaking down the body mass/ muscles.

In general, there are no benefits to skipping breakfast, or any meal throughout the day. 

What are the health risks of skipping breakfast?

After sleeping all night, you need breakfast in order to bring up your blood sugar levels. You have been basically fasting all night. So when you wake up in the morning is important to eat. Eating is also important to the people around you because drops and spikes in your blood sugar can also affect your mood. That means when you wake up you are more nervous, grumpy, or angry. On the flip side, there are numerous studies that have been conducted with that show eating a healthy breakfast helps to improve short-term memory and cognitive function.

Does skipping breakfast help weight management?

Nah, skipping breakfast will not help you cut calories and thus lose weight. It will however help you throw off your metabolism from working smoothly.