About: Digital Media Strategy

Digital Media Strategy

As a digital media consultant, I am here to help develop brand messaging strategies and advertising programs that resonate with your target customers. Whether launching a product, generating awareness, or driving sales, I have the programs to fit your advertising needs. By partnering with me, your business will have access to award-winning content available for use across multiple platforms. Some of our current partnerships include content swaps, lead generation, video distribution, mobile content distribution, sales packaging, social media campaigns, and course SEO optimization.

Digital Media Consultant:

Minimum of 10 hours per project. Digital Media has changed the way business is done. However not every channel is a good match for every business, so when you’re making your decision, be wary of any social media agency that tries to throw the kitchen sink at you. Even if you are major, mass-market brand chances are you don’t need to be on every social media channel under the sun. I can help find what works best for you.

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