Greetings, I am Rubens Saintel.

I am an entrepreneur who wears many hats because I never stop moving or trying to find ways to grow my passive income. I have worked my way up from a 540 credit score to one that is over 800. I understand the struggle and that keeps me humble. I will do my best to help others learn how to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

I am a Consultant, Social Media Strategist, Published Writer, Brand Ambassador, YouTuber, Music Producer and a Getty Images contributing Photographer. I have been commissioned by PAX and Ice Cube’s Big3 basketball league. In my virtually nonexistent spare time, I produce the podcasts SaintelSays, Platonically Kissing and The Daily Dish. I also founded the Saintel Daily, AppleWatch101, and NBA101. I have a clothing line called Ubiquitous Originality that is available exclusively on Amazon.

Above all, I am an entrepreneur who is a strong believer in manifesting one’s own happiness. Thank you so much for visiting. Please subscribe to my Youtube, leave a 5 star review on my podcast, add me to a playlist on Spotify, or just be a good human. I am on every social media platform as SAINTEL.

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