Greetings, I am Rubens Saintel.

I am a very proud father to a wonderful young lady currently at university. I am a Consultant, Social Media Strategist, Published Writer, Brand Ambassador, Music Producer and a Getty Images contributing Photographer. I also founded the news sites Saintel Daily, Apple Watch 101 & NBA 101 as well as the clothing company Ubiquitous Originality. In my virtually nonexistent spare time, I produce the podcasts Saintel Says, Trailers & Clipz as well as Daily Dish by Saintel Daily.

The professional byline is as follows; I am an experienced leader with a rich technological background and a passion for developing talent. My background has helped me gain solid managerial and administrative experience that can be used across different disciplines. I have superlative communication and team-building skills. Also the ability to manage multiple clients and projects in pressured environments. I have had the responsibility of handling the technology needs of the board of directors of a major company. The privilege of supporting events for presidents, 1st ladies, and celebrities. I’m particularly interested in challenging positions that allow for my continued entrepreneurial growth and a chance to contribute what I have learned in my experiences. 

I feel in a world where it takes more than just “great” to break through the saturated media market, I strive to be “Awesome” (yes, capital A). I know better than anyone that navigating the ins and outs of marketing can be demanding, especially when you’ve got a business to manage. Digital Media is not simply posting something on social media and hoping it goes viral. Let me be the guide.

As it pertains to photography; I am comfortable with many locations and photography styles. The photograph style may differ from assignment to assignment, but my commitment to quality and craft is unwavering. Please see my portfolio for examples of my work. I can help break through the boundaries that are limiting you or your team from embracing social media. Not as the future but a necessity of business now. Let me help you move from the world of the past to the world of today and ready you for tomorrow’s victories. Want to learn more; please select a destination below. 

Professional Photography | Digital Media Strategy